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Karen Dovner spent 20 years cultivating her career in marketing, promotion, small business growth, and much more in the cosmetics industry. Now retired and residing in Delray Beach, Florida, Karen is ready to share the experiences that helped her succeed in various business roles.

After studying history and psychology in college, Karen began her career in the cosmetic industry with a marketing position at Avon. She worked her way up and eventually joined Oscar de la Renta Fragrances as a marketing manager. Karen held a complex role within the small, family-run company that had licensed the Oscar de la Renta name. Her work encompassed all aspects of promotional development and marketing. After two years with the company, Karen took her next professional step and joined the United States division of Christian Dior.

Karen began as a marketing manager at Christian Dior. Over the next five years she traveled extensively on behalf of the company, exploring international manufacturing sites and participating in meetings with representatives from around the globe. Karen was responsible for preparing P&L statements to assess the brand’s yearly performance. One of her most memorable accomplishments was helping to facilitate the launch of Christian Dior women’s  fragrance Poison, at Bloomingdale’s. Karen concluded her tenure at Christian Dior as the director of marketing of cosmetics, fragrance, and skin care for the United States division.

Karen’s next professional endeavor opened her eyes to the challenges and triumphs of truly small, entrepreneurial business. While collaborating with a family that had licensed the Burberry name, Karen worked from the ground up to launch a specific fragrance. She was involved in all aspects, from marketing to product/package development.

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Big-Picture Success

The next step of Karen’s professional journey brought her back to working on a global scale. As part of the United States division of European skincare company Lancaster, Karen traveled extensively to meet with other marketing professionals and visit Lancaster’s international factories. Simultaneously, she retained her entrepreneurial spirit by repositioning another brand under Lancaster, carrying out hands-on work in research and development.

After a brief stint in home fragrances at Tsumura International, in which she learned many other facets of the industry, Karen returned to her roots in cosmetics. She joined Avon as the director of marketing for all Avon fragrances and held this role for the next four years. Finally, Karen left corporate America to pursue an entrepreneurial venture with her husband. She enjoyed hiring and working alongside incredible employees and selling great products until 2010, when they chose to sell the company.

Karen Dovner will share her insights on this blog regarding marketing, public relations, corporate and entrepreneurial business, and much more.